Ace – Apple Honey Hard Cider

Brewed by: Ace (The California Cider Co.)

Location: Sonoma County, California, USAce - Apple Honey Hard CiderA

Style: Hard Cider

ABV: 5.0%

Commercial Description:

Ace Apple Honey Cider is a premium hard cider made by busy bees in the heart of Sonoma County’s apple orchards. Ace Apple Honey is made by our cidermaker blending pure apple juice with honey… Enjoy this exhilarating alternative to beer or wine.


Aroma 4/10

Appearance 4/5

Taste 7/10

Palate 3/5

Overall 18/30


The aroma is pretty faint due to the fact that there is little to no carbonation. The smell that is present smells a lot like store bought apple juice. It is very disappointing aroma to say the least.

Looks just like a hard cider should in my opinion. Very clear and very clean looking. There is little, very little, carbonation so it looks like generic apple juice due to the lack of carbonation.

The taste is very enjoyable. It is sweet but not too sweet. The honey seems to be in good balance to not make the cider overly sweet. The finishing taste is a little sour, which makes the front end seem sweeter due to contrast. Almost taste like a sweet and sour jolly rancher. If drank to quickly it will build up on the tone leaving an undesirable feeling and after taste.

It is very smooth on the palate due to the fact that there is no carbonation. It is fairly thick also. Not quite syrupy, but thicker than the normal hard cider.

Overall it is a decent hard cider. Not sure if I will have this specific one again, but it is good enough to inspire me to try the other ciders that Ace produces. Hopefully I just got an under carbonated batch, but only time will tell.


*This is by no means a professional beer review. I am just a guy who loves beer and want to share my thoughts on the beer I try and help others find new and interesting beers. There are thousands of beers out there, don’t be afraid to grab a new one.


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