Rogue – Dry Hopped St. Rogue Red Ale

Brewed by: Rogue Brewery Location: Newport, Oregon, USA Style: Red Ale ABV: 5.1% Commercial Description: Behind great beer there is a brewer, and behind great beef there is a bull. Fukutsuru (Fuku to his friends) is that bull. Ranked the top marbling bull in the U.S., Fuku is a Japanese Wagyu bull whose offspring produce

Crooked Line – Labyrinth

Brewed by: Crooked Line Location: Salt Lake City, Utah, USA Style: Black Ale ABV: 13.2% Commercial Description: Enter the Labyrinth, a multi-dimensional black ale. Discover the complex intermingling of black licorice and toasted oak. Seek the subtle hints of bittersweet chocolate. Explore pairing Labyrinth with flavorful cheeses and rich desserts. Notes: Aroma 6/10 Appearance 4/5

How to Clean Corny Keg (full)

Why is it so important to have a clean Corny Keg? Anyone who has gotten into brewing, or started doing any research, knows that one of the most important parts of brewing is making sure all your equipment is cleaned on a regular basis. This includes all the brewing equipment, as well as all the

How Many Beers Are in a Keg

It is very important to know exactly how many beers are in a keg when trying to decide how many kegs or how big of a keg you will need for your event. Estimate about 2 beers per person for those who are just looking for a taste, 4 for those looking to get buzzed, and

Ace – Apple Honey Hard Cider

Brewed by: Ace (The California Cider Co.) Location: Sonoma County, California, USA Style: Hard Cider ABV: 5.0% Commercial Description: Ace Apple Honey Cider is a premium hard cider made by busy bees in the heart of Sonoma County’s apple orchards. Ace Apple Honey is made by our cidermaker blending pure apple juice with honey… Enjoy