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If you Love beer, you care about climate change!

If you find yourself a beer lover and always looking for the next craft brew, you need to take note on climate change.  Global warning continues to impact all types of farming and agriculture, including those most important for beer such as hops and barley.  With the long running craze, hops are one of the

How Long Does Keg Beer Last?

One of the most important factors in how long does keg beer last, is how you pressurize your keg beer. Beer that is pressurized using a CO2 setup will outlast a keg being pressurized with a hand pump by months.  Keg beer is not usually pasteurized, if treated improperly the shelf life will be short. 

How To Grow Hops at Home

Why Grow Hops at Home? Over the past few years, I have noticed that home brewing is becoming a more popular hobby, which is great.  Just like many other hobbies, as your skills progress, it is only natural to want to spread your knowledge, your skillset and have more control over as many factors as

When to Tap Keg Beer

When to Tap Keg Beer? Although this is a fairly simple question to answer, everyone’s situation will vary. The general rule is to wait between 2-4 hours to tap a keg of beer after it arrives at its final destination. There are two main reasons for this: temperature change and agitation. When the keg beer

How to Clean Corny Keg (full)

Why is it so important to have a clean Corny Keg? Anyone who has gotten into brewing, or started doing any research, knows that one of the most important parts of brewing is making sure all your equipment is cleaned on a regular basis. This includes all the brewing equipment, as well as all the

How Many Beers Are in a Keg

It is very important to know exactly how many beers are in a keg when trying to decide how many kegs or how big of a keg you will need for your event. Estimate about 2 beers per person for those who are just looking for a taste, 4 for those looking to get buzzed, and