Rogue – Dry Hopped St. Rogue Red Ale

Rogue - Dry Hopped St. Rogue Red AleBrewed by: Rogue Brewery

Location: Newport, Oregon, USA

Style: Red Ale

ABV: 5.1%

Commercial Description:

Behind great beer there is a brewer, and behind great beef there is a bull. Fukutsuru (Fuku to his friends) is that bull. Ranked the top marbling bull in the U.S., Fuku is a Japanese Wagyu bull whose offspring produce premium grade American Kobe Beef that is served with St. Rogue Red. Over 50,000 units of Fuku’s pride is in the freezer for future breeding. In his final days, Fuku was given the opportunity to “socialize” with some fine, young cows. Instead, he chose to take a nap. We dedicate this beer to Fuku — a rogue to the very end.


Aroma 8/10

Appearance 3/5

Taste 7/10

Palate 3/5

Overall 21/30

The aroma is great. It smells delicious. After taking that first smell I could not wait to try this beer. It was exactly what you would expect in good red ale, plus had a substantial hop smell to top it off. Had the aroma of a cross between a red ale and an IPA.

The appearance was decent, had an amazing copper color which I absolutely loved. The negative was how it was a little too cloudy for me. The other thing I did not like, was how fast the head disappeared. I had to give it a strong pour to give it any head, and what I created was gone quickly.

This red ale had a great taste. It was what I want in a red. Clean taste, sweet, with a nice hop taste. I wish all reds could taste like this. Not much else to say except it was hoppy, sweet and delicious.

I enjoyed the feel of this beer. It treated my palate well. Nice smooth feel, little lower on carbonation than I would have expected and a nice little hit from the hops. The problem was that the feel of the hops left quickly. I enjoy a residual hoppy-ness, but it was very good for a red ale.

Overall I really like this beer. Seems weird that my overall score is so low considering I really enjoyed it, but I guess it’s just the way it works sometimes. The Rogue red ale had a great look, a great feel, and an amazing smell. To top it all off, it had a great taste. I loved this beer and will be getting another. Once again, Rogue Brewery has done well!


*This is by no means a professional beer review. I am just a guy who loves beer and want to share my thoughts on the beer I try and help others find new and interesting beers. There are thousands of beers out there, don’t be afraid to grab a new one.

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